OPIS think-and-do tank

The Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS) is a think-and-do tank dedicated to preventing the intense suffering of all sentient beings, and to promoting this objective globally as our overriding ethical priority. OPIS is working towards this objective by carrying out research, developing educational and advocacy tools, facilitating exchange of information, carrying out creative campaigns, and other means. One of OPIS’s initial projects is to produce a powerful visualisation of worldwide suffering by source, approximate intensity and number of individuals affected.

OPIS strives to optimise impact by preventing the intense suffering of as many individuals as possible, devoting effort to activities complementary to those of existing organisations. It values the prevention of suffering of all sentient beings, including both human and non-human animals, and considers that equal intensities of suffering matter equally, regardless of the species.

OPIS was founded as a non-profit association in Lausanne, Switzerland on 27 June 2016.

The creation of OPIS was announced on Swiss radio station LFM (in French):