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  • The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe (New York: Algora Publishing, 2011), an exploration of the question "What matters?"
  • I am currently (2020) working on a new book to be titled The Tango of Ethics that addresses the interplay between rationality and intuition in the prevention of suffering, and that explores both the necessity and limitations of using utilitarian calculations to determine impact and priorities.
Selected pieces:
  • "Drop the Barriers, End the Pain", Campfire Convention, 24 November 2020: "The tide is turning, as various psychedelics are being recognised for their therapeutic potential, and the war on drugs is being recognised for its abject failure on many counts. But for cluster headache patients, the tide cannot turn quickly enough."
  • "Removing the legal barriers to treating the excruciating pain of cluster headaches", Journal of Medical Ethics blog post, 16 November 2020
  • "For a compassionate rebellion against extinction", 1 May 2019: "As our civilisation faces monumental threats to its existence, it’s time to embrace an ethic of non-violence and care towards all sentient beings."
  • "OPIS, a think-and-do tank for an ethic based on the prevention of suffering", 26 January 2019: English translation of an interview with me about OPIS and my ethical philosophy in the French/Canadian online publication L'Amorce, dedicated to overcoming the violence of speciesism. The French original is here.
  • "Why Access to Morphine is a Human Right", 4 May 2018: "That millions of sick people throughout low- and middle-income countries suffer horrendous pain because they cannot access the morphine they need is a tragedy — the result of unwarranted fears and a failure of governments to care for those most in need."
  • "Thriving in the Age of Factory Farming", 14 September 2017: a reflection on the paradox of wanting to derive pleasure from existence while there is massive, legally sanctioned torture of sentient beings taking place within our societies, and on the need for balance in our own lives so that we can be more effective as activists.
  • "#MeToo? Reflections on abuse, power, gender and species", 18 October 2017: "Most of us are or have been, to some degree, both victims and perpetrators of abuse of power, sexual or not, conditioned by our society in our beliefs about what is appropriate, about what is normal, about what is “right” and “wrong”."
  • "The Ethics of Impact", 17 March 2015: a piece I wrote for the Huffington Post's Pioneers for Change blog on a few key principles for ethical action.


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