I bring an unusual mix of the rational and the intuitive to my professional activities, with a highly analytical, scientific mind and a sensitivity to the more emotional, spiritual side of human nature. I trained as a research molecular biologist with a PhD in biochemistry, and later worked in research, marketing and training management in the fragrance industry, also attending an international marketing program at INSEAD. I then spent a few years as a senior communications consultant at a large private PR agency in Geneva, handling mandates in the areas of global health, biotech and many other industries, including European communications for the Gates Foundation.

Since then, with my reflections, writing and work on ethics, as well as my own personal development through workshops and regular participation in a men's circle in Mallorca, I have been placing greater emphasis on authentic communication based on transparency, empathy and addressing needs – with a specific focus on preventing suffering. I try to keep my activities closely aligned with my own values, and I am better able to help clients who resonate with them and want to better apply them in their own organisation. My activities include the following:

Workshops on ethics and compassion

I have planned and run workshops combining experiential learning, presentations, discussions and exercises, around the themes of ethics, values, compassion, self-compassion and happiness, as well as nurturing empathy through the educational system.


I have been an invited speaker in various settings, such as the IMD Business School (invited by the MBA class to speak at their General Management Week), the Business School of Lausanne, the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Learning Week at their international headquarters, and various events and speaker series, especially related to ethics and impact.

Writing, editing, translating

For many years I have also been using my writing experience and eye for detail to help corporate, NGO and other clients on a wide range of writing and editing mandates, especially but not exclusively science-, health- and technology-related, including annual reports, press releases, letters to shareholders and other company information. I also carry out translations from French to English.