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  • "OPIS, ethics and advocacy for effective treatment of severe pain", a talk I gave at the University of Geneva on 26 October 2022 for the Association for Psychedelic Research. I discuss basic ethical principles, OPIS's work on access to pain relief and our larger ambitions, and briefly, our support to Juan-Pablo L'Huillier, a patient with an extremely painful condition called SUNCT who found dramatic relief by using ayahuasca. His talk follows mine in the video.
  • "Speciesism, suffering and ethical consistency", a talk I gave on 29 August 2020 at an online conference co-organised by Vegan Option Canada on the occasion of the World Day to End Speciesism. I discuss ethics, why speciesism is inconsistent with core ethical principles, the distinction between suffering and interests, and the role of ethics in general and antispeciesism in particular in creating a more compassionate society.
  • "Relieving the Pain of Cluster Headaches: Psilocybin and Related Chemicals", a talk recorded for the EAGxVirtual Unconference on 20 June 2020, organised by the Effective Altruism community. Cluster headaches (also known as "suicide headaches") are one of the most excruciating pains known to medicine. In this presentation I describe the condition and OPIS's project to ensure access to effective treatments for patients.
  • "Designing Ethical Governance", a panel discussion I organised for Campfire's World Harmony Summer Solstice event, June 2020, with fellow panelists Matt Hawkins from Compassion in Politics, Louise Caldwell and Patrick Chalmers
  • "The Authenticity of Compassionate Living", recorded at Karamel, London on 22 September 2018 at "The Superpowers of a Plant-Based Yoga Practice" organised by Veganahata with support from The Vegan Society.
  • An informal talk I gave at Campfire Convention Chesham on 2 July 2017 about shaping a more compassionate society grounded in ethics. This was one of a series of events co-hosted by producer Pete Lawrence, who created the Big Chill events in the 90's and has now set up the Campfire Convention network to promote social change and a more inclusive society.
  • "The ethical priority of alleviating intense suffering" at the KreaKolektiva 8x8 event on 14 April 2016 in Palma de Mallorca.
  • "A holistic ethical framework: rationality, intuition and the prevention of suffering", a talk at Effective Altruism Madrid on 23 April 2019.
  • An interview in Greek online magazine Popaganda was published on 17 April 2023. I talked to journalist Anastasia Vaitsopoulou about ethics, compassion, governance and systemic change, as well as my new book. Greek original and English translation.


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